Beat The Heat During The Dog Days Of Summer

stay hydrated - kayak paddler drinking water

Don’t Forget Water While Boating

Athletes are not the only ones who have to keep hydrated in order to beat the heat and remain healthy while enjoying outdoor activities during the dog days of summer.

stay hydrated out on the waterBoaters Beware

It is important for everyone, including boaters, to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to stay hydrated during normal conditions. But with summer’s high heat and humidity, your body needs more water in order to remain properly hydrated. Adequate hydration is important because your body requires water in order to work properly. Water helps to maintain your body’s core temperature, ensures proper joint lubrication and proper waste removal functions.

So it’s easy to see why boaters and boating enthusiasts should drink plenty of water, especially when you are enjoying a day out on the water when you may not realize how much the sun is beating down on you. Medical professionals say you lose two to three quarts of water a day even when you aren’t doing more than being a “coach potato” and laying around. When you are out on a boat, you can lose double or triple that amount of water while you fish, water ski, or simply enjoy some time lounging in the sun on the deck.

Remedies – Stay Hydrated

There are plenty of simple steps that you and the passengers on your boat can take to ensure that everyone is getting enough water while on board. Be sure to bring along a cooler full of water for everyone who will be on board. Encourage everyone to drink water every 15 or 20 minutes. Don’t forget to bring along some slices of lemon and limes to add to the water to give it additional flavor. Water can also be found in fruits and vegetables like oranges and celery as well as in sports drinks with electrolytes, so be sure to offer those goodies to your passengers as well.

Effects Of Alcohol

Limit the amount of alcoholic beverages that are available on your boat. Alcohol can quickly dehydrate you, especially when consumed in the sun. Drinking alcohol can also give you a false sense that you’re actually drinking enough by hiding symptoms of thirst.

Urge everyone to take periodic breaks from the sun by taking time out to enjoy your boat’s interior spaces. Spending time in the shady outdoor spots that your boat provides will also help keep everyone cool and hydrated.

Stay In The Alert Zone

Stay alert for any sign of dehydration and heat exposure, including excessive thirst dry mouth, vomiting, fever, mental confusion, headaches or extreme sleepiness or fatigue. Don’t wait until you see the signs of dehydration before taking steps to alleviate its symptoms. Remember, the simplest way to prevent it is by drinking lots of water.

Stay hydrated and have fun on the water with TRAC OUTDOOR!