Introduce a Kid to Fishing

Young happy family with kids fishing in pond in summer

Pass on Fishing to A Future Generation

For those of us lucky enough to have been introduced to fishing as a kid, there are very few memories that are as joyful as remembering those days spent fishing with a parent or grandparent. If you analyze the value of an early fishing education, you can recognize some of these positive lessons you learned:


The act of sitting still, listening, watching and studying the environment around you is fast becoming a lost art. Fishing teaches you to be patient. There’s much to be said about having the ability to sit quietly and listen and observe. People who learned these skills early from fishing tend to be successful in their respective fields.


A good fisherman teaches his students to follow the rules of fishing. Never fish out of season. Always release undersized catches and never exceed your fishing limits. Today, more and more kids are taught fishing using catch-and-release rules. This teaches them that the fun of fishing is not only in the hook-up and landing but also in the act of letting the fish go to be caught another day.


It’s never too early to teach kids about how to use boats and boating equipment as part of a fishing education. Boat safety, operation and navigation learned while fishing at an early age will stay with kids for the rest of their lives.

Let them help with the boat winches and trailer winches as you ease your boat down the ramp into the water. Understanding the mechanical principles of boat winches and trailer winches at an early age can help them later in life in other areas.

Photo of little kid pulling rod while fishing on weekendLove of Nature

By the time we reach adulthood, most fishermen know the real pleasure of fishing is getting out on the water and enjoying nature in its rawest form. Wading in a trout stream searching for that big rainbow is a joy in itself regardless if we ever land one or not. No other sport surrounds you with the wonders of the ocean, mountain vistas or the simple beauty of a lake in a city park.


The bond formed between a kid and an adult when they are learning to fish will usually last a lifetime. The memory of waiting for your cork bobber to jerk below the water’s surface while eating a bag lunch mom packed for you and dad are the memories you’ll want to pass on to your own kids someday. Or how about the fishing stories told to you as you waited for the fish to bite. The joy of simple companionship learned as a young fisherman will abide you well as you travel through life.


Fishing itself is a competition whenever two people or more fish together. Who doesn’t want to catch the most and biggest fish in the group? Fishing teaches kids that competition is good and can be fun, especially when you catch more fish than your teacher.


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