Back To School – What now?

Back to school

What to do now that the kids have gone back to school?

As summer comes to an end and the kids begin filling the school halls again, we soon realize that it’s not much longer before the cold weather hits us. For different parts of the country, the colder weather might mean different things but one thing all anglers can agree on is that back to school time means getting in those last-minute fishing trips before the cold catches up with us.

Regrettably so, our children often become extremely busy when school starts, from homework to after-school activities, finding the time to go fishing can be hard, even for the most dedicated of anglers. SO, then, you are left with two choices. One, you could go fishing without the kids, which is a good idea from time to time, or two, you make time to get in those last-minute trips.

Make it enjoyable

While there’s a chance to do so, you should always make time to take your child to the water with you. Not only will you be passing on something you absolutely love but you’ll be making memories that will last a life time. When you do so, though, be sure to make it enjoyable. I remember a time from when I was a kid a gentleman took me and my brothers fishing while my dad was working. It would have been enjoyable, had we been able to talk.

Instead, he made us believe the fish could actually hear us. Therefore, we had to be as quiet as a church mouse. In all honesty, this set my fishing career back by a few years. SO, make sure your kids are making joyful memories.

Tips for fishing with kids

Truth be told, taking a child fishing is its own form of art. And, as with anything, keeping a few basic tips in mind could make all the difference.

Keep it simple

I don’t know of many kids with the motor skills needed to cast a bait-casting reel. Instead, give them one of the most trusted closed-faced reels you have and let them go at it. They will inevitably begin playing 21 questions and, eventually, the topic may wander to something completely unrelated; go with it. You never know what you’ll learn from them.

Be patient

After about the tenth time of telling them to keep the line in the water, it becomes increasingly easier to lose your patience. Considering the children can often have some of the worse tempers of us all, this could end with your equipment being tossed in the water. Instead, teach them patience by showing it; they’ll soon catch on.

Make sure they catch something

I know; nobody likes giving up the location of their honey hole. However, your child is more likely to enjoy it when they are actually catching fish. This could even entail allowing your child to reel in the fish that hits your line. This is sure to help the fishing fever catch on.

Whatever you do, now’s the time to do it. Winter will soon be upon us and with it comes the time to hang up the rods. Enjoy this time while you can.