About TRAC Outdoor Products

TRAC Outdoor Products is a family-owned product development company founded in April of 1998 and located just outside Nashville, Tennessee.  Tom Rogers started this company in his basement because he knew he could make a better product that would sell at a better value.  He has a vast knowledge base from working in the marine industry for years before starting TRAC Outdoor Products. 

TRAC Outdoor Products now has its own warehouse and office with more people (still family and friends) to help serve you better.  We are motivated to make leisure activities less work and more enjoyable for our customers.  As a result, we design and manufacture products that fill a specific need better than other options on the market or uniquely create a solution to a problem no one else has addressed.  Our mission is to deliver products with more convenience, features and greater value to boaters and fisherpeople.

Diverse Product Offering

diverse insetTRAC product categories are very diverse.  While we emphasize 12 volt powered products in a varied range of products all to support the marine and outdoor lifestyle,  we also offer useful accessories like carts and fluid extractors that require no power at all.  While most of our product categories are aimed at the smaller boat market from utility boats to pontoons, many of our newer pumps are great for all sizes and kinds of boats.  Check out our product offering – there really is a little something for everyone!

Market Driven

market insetTom Rogers, the owner of TRAC Outdoor Products, has been working and playing in the marine industry for years.  He has developed a great knowledge of what works and what doesn’t and he definitely sees things a little differently from others.  This all combines to make a great product developer.  Tom designs products for the TRAC® brand that improve upon things already in the market and find unmet needs or problems that can be filled or solved, respectively. 

Service Oriented

service orientedTRAC Outdoor Products’ success comes from working directly with our customers.  People are our best insight into our products and we are able to continually improve our offering based on what we hear.  We want to help.  If you have a question about installing your new winch, troubleshooting a pump, or even to give us a product suggestion, call us at (615) 462-6224 or email us from Contact Us right here on the site.  We have qualified people addressing your needs to get you on the water as quickly as possible.