The Longest Day of the Year!

It’s The Summer Solstice It’s finally here, the first day of Summer! The time where the long sleeves finally find their way to the back of the closet and we prepare for long, hot days. For a boater and fisherman, there’s no better time than the summer. Kids are out of school, vacation days are […]

Happy Father’s Day To Our Family Of Boaters

fathers day boating

Get Out On The Boat This Father’s Day Finding the right gift for your father for Father’s Day can be hard, especially if you have a boating dad. We know the struggle. Buying that perfect gift doesn’t have to be stressful. With our help, you can get the perfect gift and never have to let […]

Award the Mom In Your Life With Time On The Water

white inflatable boat

Take Mom Out On The Water Let the water inspire you this Mother’s Day to craft a gift she’ll never forget – her own cruise, hosted by her loving child. Whether you take out your own boat, hers, or rent a craft to give this special gift, make the day extra special by filling it […]

Getting on the Water In Springtime

Fishing Boat at Anchor

Springtime is the best time Spring is a gorgeous season of the year when you can enjoy being out in your boat. The weather is delightfully warm and not boiling hot as in summer, and nature is awakening with plants and flowers to admire as you journey down the lakes and rivers. Even more important […]

Women and Boating – Women’s History Month

lady rowing child

Ladies Take the Helm Too – Women and Boating When most people think of women and boating, they picture muscular, swaggering rugged men navigating the wide blue ocean or taking part in intense competition. Many think women couldn’t tell a boat winch from an anchor winch. But nothing could be further from the truth. Women and […]