Getting on the Water In Springtime

Fishing Boat at Anchor

Springtime is the best time

Spring is a gorgeous season of the year when you can enjoy being out in your boat. The weather is delightfully warm and not boiling hot as in summer, and nature is awakening with plants and flowers to admire as you journey down the lakes and rivers.

Even more important is being able to find a good fishing spot. Many anglers consider fishing to be at its best in the early morning, but fishing in the spring season can often be more successful in the late afternoon and early evening because some fish will

feed more aggressively in that warmer water.

Water takes approximately three days after a cold spell to warm enough to increase fish activity. The north side of a lake will warm more quickly than the south side, and smaller lakes warm up before larger reservoirs. Late in a spring day, water warming has created a warm and shallow layer of water. Air cools quickly after sunset, but water retains its heat for a good while.

Fishing Boat in the OceanTaking your boat out of winter storage also means doing the necessary annual preparations and cleaning projects to make the boat “seaworthy” and to make sure that you and your family and friends will enjoy another season of carefree boating.

Every vessel is unique, so adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations and its check lists in order to do the proper job for this spring ritual. Much depends on whether the boat will be used in fresh or salt water, the size, model, construction, and accessories.

Be sure to check and maintain your boat winch and anchor winch. Do you prefer an old-fashioned manual single or dual drive trailer winch or a powerful electric trailer winch which can pull up to 10,000 pounds? You can find the winch that fulfills your needs.

An interesting example of a Small Craft Trailer Winch is one by TRAC that presents easy installation, a free-wheeling launch with a galvanized steel 10-foot cable, and powered retrieval with just the press of a button. This is for boats weighing up to 5,000 pounds, with lengths up to 18 feet, and with a pulling capacity of up to 2,000 pounds.

Another unique example is an Anchor Winch from TRAC which has a Touch and Release AutoDeploy that can be used on a boat up to 26 feet long and which is great for pontoon and deck boats. Just pressing and releasing a button causes the anchor to power down quietly and smoothly. Upon reaching the bottom, the winch will change from steady power-deploy and start to release rope a few feet at a time and then will “lock” and hold the boat in position.

Thank you for choosing TRAC Outdoor Products and keep boating with TRAC Outdoor!

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