4th of July Sale on Pumps

Happy Birthday America!

Nothing says Happy Birthday America more than a weekend at your favorite fishing hole. The fresh air blowing in your face as you make your way across the lake or river, heading to your home away from home. For most, the Fourth of July weekend means a long weekend away from work; celebrating freedom from “the man” while celebrating the freedom of our great nation.

What about a sale?

Want to celebrate in style? What could possibly be a better way to celebrate fishing your favorite spot as the fireworks sound off over head? I know; how about a sale?

That’s right. To help you celebrate in style, and to make your weekend that much greater, we here at Trac Outdoors have decided to make you deal better than any firework finale. From now until Saturday, all of our portable pumps are 25% off!

All you have to do is click below for your pump from the table below. You’ll celebrate even harder knowing you’ve got such an amazing deal.

Here are the Pumps:

TRAC Portable Aerator

T10021 Portable Aerator
TRAC Portable Bilge Pump

T10023 Portable Bilge Pump

T10068 Portable Washdown Pump

Tips for night fishing

If you do find yourself out on the lake watching the fireworks blast off overhead, keep this tips in might to make your night go better.

Learn to fish by feel and not sight

No, that’s now a line off of a “Karate Kid” movie, though it would make for a good one. I can see it now; “Fish on, Fish off. Fish on, Fish off.” I digress. What I mean is that most anglers that fish during the day are accustomed to watching everything around them. They watch as the lure hits the water, as the line gets tight.

Sure, you could add one of those little lights for the end of your pole, but what good will that do for your line or lure? Instead, get accustomed to the feel of the line as the lure hits the water. Teach yourself to slightly feel the line above your reel for when it gets tight.

Be Extra Attentive to the Water

Sure, you are going to have lights on the boat. However, as many have found out the hard water, artificial lights can tend to affect your depth perception when it comes to how close you actually are to the edge of the boat. Plus, shadows will play tricks on your mind. That’s why you need to be extra careful not to accidentally step overboard.

Always have lights on when moving the boat

This should go without saying. Whenever you are moving the boat from one spot to the other, even if it’s just with the trolling motor, always have lights on the bow and stern. Not only will this help you drive the boat but will alert any other boats in the path.

Remember, have fun and be safe. Happy Fourth of July from TRAC Outdoor Products to you!