High Level Bass Fishing Competition Equipment and Preparedness

Cabelas Collegiate Bass Fishing

Cabelas BoatUS Collegiate Bass Fishing

If you are into the sport of bass fishing, you no doubt recently saw as Hunter McCarty and Sloan Pennington won the Cabelas BoatUS Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship event held at Pickwick Lake in Florence, AL. If you were watching, you saw as the pair from the University of North Alabama hoisted their winning catch into the air on day two, narrowly beating out the team from Tusclum College who had led after day one. As often is the case for enthusiasts of any sport, the question arises of what makes these collegiate anglers so successful?

This question comes from those envious of the anglers getting paid to do what we often pay hundreds of dollars to experience. The truth is that there are a vast array of conditions and factors involved in to which team comes out on top. However, let’s look at a few pieces that allow these anglers to be so competitive at such a high caliber in the sport.

Cabelas Collegiate Bass FishingEquipment

As with any sport you participate in, the equipment you use can make or break how successful you are; such is the case with many bass anglers. However, when we think of the equipment used, our minds often go directly to the boat and motors. However, those don’t play as big of a role as the rod, reel, and lures you use.

Have Options

You wouldn’t expect Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson to show up to the golf course and play the entire round with only a nine iron. Why would you expect to be successful with just one rod, reel, and lure setup? The best anglers have multiple rods and reels to use, not to mention a tackle box full of lures to choose from.

However, just because you have a tackle box full of lures doesn’t mean you have to use them all. This is where experience comes in. Pay attention to the water conditions and weather; even the slightest change in either direction could change the way you fish.

Perform Maintenance before hand

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting out on the water and having your reel malfunction. Worse, still, is getting a whopper of a fish on the line only to have your line break as you get it to the boat. One tip all of the pros will tell you, above buying the best of the best, is too be sure your equipment is maintained properly. You can have the best boat, rod, reel, and even lure on the market and still have problems if you don’t maintain them.


If you are wanting to succeed and compete at even a margin of the level these guys do, gaining hands-on experience is the key. As Chad Morgenthaler, a professional bass angler, says, “There is absolutely no substitute for spending time on different bodys of water under varying conditions. It’s an absolute must to become a versatile angler.”

Very few actually get to be on top and get paid for doing what we all love. Yet, there’s nothing more exciting than actually catching a big fish, whether you were paid to do so or not.

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