Award the Mom In Your Life With Time On The Water

white inflatable boat

Take Mom Out On The Water

Let the water inspire you this Mother’s Day to craft a gift she’ll never forget – her own cruise, hosted by her loving child. Whether you take out your own boat, hers, or rent a craft to give this special gift, make the day extra special by filling it with smaller gifts throughout.

What to Wear

Help keep her hair out of her face and her hair perfect by giving your mom a nautical-inspired scarf or hat. She can wear it for the first time on the excursion. Look for ideas on Pinterest where users post photos and shopping information from a plethora of stores.

Music Makes the Day

Create a custom playlist with Mother’s Day-related songs mixed in often. If she’s a country music fan, Kenny Chesney’s “Boats (Mother’s Day 2010 mix)” is a must. Rap fans might like Tupac’s “Dear Mama,” while pop fans gravitate toward Christina Aguilera’s “Oh Mother.” Even hard rock has a couple of selections like Ozzy Osbourne’s “Mama I’m Coming Home,” and Pink Floyd’s “Mother.” Every music genre has at least one special song dedicated to mom.

Pack a Picnic

Even if you’re not a chef, you can pack a delicious lunch or dinner for the woman who gave you life. Pick up lunch from a local deli or order take out to go. Take a few cans of Sterno and a lighter with you to warm the food at any picnic spot. What’s on the menu? Your mother’s favorite dishes, of course.

A Boating Gift

Buy your mama a special gift for her boat. A truly thoughtful gift makes it easier for her to enjoy the water and the boat. An auto deploy anchor helps take the hard work out of exploring new areas and mooring her craft. Auto deploy means she won’t have any heavy lifting to do. Other ideas include an awning or umbrella to shade her adventures. Thoughtful gifts make her time on the water more comfortable and enjoyable.

Your Presence

Spending quality time with her child or children tops the list of special gifts you can give your mom this Mother’s Day. Set aside a few hours for time with her. Turn off your cell phone. Take a few photos with a camera. Ask about her life. Talk to her about her favorite things. Smile. Say “please” and “thank you,” and “yes ma’am” or “no ma’am.” Regardless of the tangible gifts you buy her, the time she spends with you will be the thing she most remembers.

Mother’s Day comes once a year, but the person it honors deserves our appreciation and praise daily. Give your mother a day to remember with gifts to help her commemorate it. Every time she wears that scarf or drops anchor, she’ll recall her special day on the water with her child.

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