TRAC gets included in Top 99 of ICAST

ODU Cover

TRAC Outdoor Products has 3 products in the Top 99 from ICAST!  OutDoors Unlimited or ODU Magazine recently published their top picks for new items this year from ICAST.  ICAST, described as the world’s largest sportfishing trade show,  is seen as the premier showcase for the latest innovations in fishing gear, accessories and apparel.  This annual show helps to drive the product selection of many fishing and tackle retailers across the country and globe.  TRAC Outdoor Products attended this show for the first time this summer with a great reception.

You can find the 3 TRAC products in the Electronics for Better Angling section of the magazine:

  •  TRAC Portable Pump – page 72
  • TRAC Angler 25 AutoDeploy Anchor Winch – page 75
  • TRAC Line Hauler / Pot Puller – page 76





North American Fishing Club Approves TRAC products

North America Fishing Club recently tested and approved two TRAC branded products:

Both scored very well with the members — rating well on their standard criteria and gaining some solid reviews.

TRAC Portable Bilge Pump Stowed

The Portable Bilge Pump achieved great reviews and ratings of good and excellent for Performance, Convenience, Ease of Use and Effectiveness among other test criteria.  Here’s what some members had to say:

“I used this pump in my 1230 jon boat as a primary bilge pump, because when crossing water in winds over 10-12 mph the waves end up splashing a good deal of water into the boat. This is a huge improvement over hand bailing! Even better yet, I use it at home as an electric pump for putting water back into my fish tanks.”

“I bought this pump as a backup to the bilge in my boat, (my wife was mad I wasted the money).  I was glad I did when the battery went dead & a real bad rain storm came in & just dumped buckets of water on us, (filled a 5 gallon bucket I use to hold big bait for pike fishing in under 20 minutes) well the bilge isn’t working so this backup was all that saved the boat & possibly our lives, (now my wife is glad I bought it).”

“The pump works excellent. No more coffee cans or sponges needed to drain out water in my boat! I would highly recommend this product. It truly is compact, so it is not cumbersome in my small boat. It is efficient and easy to use. Five Stars!”

TRAC Connector Kit

The Trolling Motor Connector Kit scored great reviews with excellent marks and ratings above 9 (on a scale of 1-10) for Quality, Performance, Design, Effectiveness and Ease of Use among other test criteria. Please read below for what some members wanted to tell us:

“After seeing this TRAC product here I did some research and also found two buddies were using it.  I was impressed and when I decided to replace my trolling motor I bought the entire wiring kit offered by TRAC.  This connector kit was included in my kit. The connectors are solid built and fit tight together. There are multiple mounting options as well.I like the system better than the old plug style.”

“I have been an electrician for 30+ years. I rate this item top of the line in quality and design. I used this on my pop-up camper instead of my boat. You can see by my pictures that I now have a safer and more dependable electric supply from my battery than I had before. This is very handy for my setup in primitive camping areas.”

“A very useful upgrade to the wimpy connectors usually available. This connector is robust enough to allow plenty of power to flow but also is able to withstand the rigors of a fishing boat.”