Traffic On The lake – Staying Safe

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Be Wary Of Traffic On The Lake

As summer winds down and kids go back to school, there isn’t quite as much time to get out to the lake for a trip on the boat. This means that everyone is going to be trying to get out to soak up the last of the good weather on the weekends. More people generally means more hassle since there is so much to look out for. However, as long as you follow our tips for boat traffic on the lake, you’re going to keep yourself, your family, and your boat safe in these final weeks of lake season.

Power Boat At Dock - traffic on the lakeGive Enough Line on the Anchor

One of the most common mistakes that people make is not putting out enough line on their anchors. When you do this, your boat is liable to drift all over the place. This can end with your boat banging into shore, or worse, into other boats as they are passing by. Remember, you need to pay out about five to seven times the depth of the lake in rope from your anchor winches when the water is calm. If the water or weather is rough, you should be paying out about 10 times the depth of the water from your anchor winches. It is also important to keep the wind strength in mind when choosing a spot. Avoid picking a spot that is going to be close to another boat.

Boating at Night

Many people go out on their boats during the day assuming that they will be able to remember the route back home when night comes. Then night comes, and they don’t recognize any of the features that they were using earlier in the day to guide themselves. Even worse, it can be difficult to make out other boats on the water, and panicked navigators may have trouble avoiding them. It is always best to be prepared for this by either planning on returning before night comes, finding a place to sleep at night, or going out on the water at night to practice when there aren’t so many other boats out. I also cannot stress enough the importance of not speeding at night. It is already dangerous enough, so don’t compound the risk by driving too fast.

Drink Responsibly

Many people like to go out on the lake to have some drinks with their friends without thinking that drinking and driving on a boat is just as dangerous as drinking and driving in a car. There are hundreds of cases each year where the person driving the boat was drunk and caused an accident and sometimes even a death. You need to make sure that, as the driver of the boat, you are responsible while your friends are having fun.

If you follow these three simple tips, you’re going to set yourself up to have a much more enjoyable, safe trip out on the lake in the coming weeks. No matter how much experience you may have boating, it’s important that you constantly remind yourself of the little things that you can do to keep yourself and those around you safe.


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